Psychiatric disorders conferences

The main types are types depression, stress and anxiety, sleep, suicide and self-harm, eating and body image, types of personality disorders mania bipolar and psychosis, hearing voices and schizophrenia. The other disorders like panic disorder, phobias, OCD and PTSD and mood changes disorders like major depression, bipolar and persistent depressive disorder the treatment is done by psychotherapy, self-help, using anti-depressant and medication and prevention is done by take good care of yourself, get routine medical care and pay attention to warning signs. Statistics are around 450 million people are affected all over the world with mental illness in this over 80% of people are with schizophrenia, and up to 70% of people are epilepsy and 60% with depression. There is only one psychiatrist per 100000 people in over half the countries in the world, and 40% of countries have less than one hospital bed for mental patients per 10000 people.


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