Nutrition Care And Standards Of Living

Many nutrients are good to human body few of them are water, carbohydrates, protein-amino acids vitamins and some minerals. Water is absolutely essential for survival especially as it make up to 60% of human body o remain hydrated drink water throughout the day and eat foods with high water contents present in them. In carbohydrates like nutrient, consuming carbs is all about to balance. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are all example of healthy complex carbohydrates. Vitamins is an organic compound and essential micronutrient that body needs in small amounts  like VIT A,VIT C VIT D,VIT E AND VITAMINS B .Minerals like sodium, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphate. Problems of nutrition are decreased in appetite, meal guidelines, snack guidelines and weight loss 

The standards of care is a living document where notable updates are incorporated as determined appropriate and voted on by the professional practice committee(PPC) and the updates are made in response to important events conducted as new treatments with potential to impact patients. For each living update ADA notifies providers and stakeholders through various.


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Geriatricians, physicians, geriatric physicians, cardiologists, rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, Social workers, Community care coordinators, Palliative care specialists, medical directors, Dental professionals, Clinical Geriatric, Geriatric Nurses, Geriatric  Doctors, Pharmacists, healthcare faculty, community care coordinators, Occupational Therapists,  Researchers.

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