Geriatrics and Elderly care Conferences

Geriatric specialists encourage the patients to follow and to adopt a sound mental attitude towards aging itself and it also have the psychological welfare, like work opportunities after retirement, comic security and as per measuring the key outcomes at baseline and over time can assist the team in the effort to take care. The main healthy diet to be taken is to maintain the health by preventing loss of muscle strength and deficiency states and to treat chronic diseases like high blood pressure. Controlling of the diseases by controlling the obesity, vitamins and mineral supplements are more important. Another method like diet to control the diseases. 

Elderly care defined as the as the fulfillment of the required needs and helps that are more important to the senior citizens’ very senior citizen in community is human and exactly they must be treated well. This is a great time for those who are giving home support services as aging occurs elderly people must take care of they health. While taking care of early people in they own house, you should support them to complete some of the tasks on their own. Elderly people can easily lost trust on a caregiver so the older people must be reliable and dependable. In western countries care facilities for elder people are in residential families, nursing homes. Older people may seem to act like kids but this of behavior is never intentional.

Geriatrics and elderly care about nearly 47 million seniors live in elderly care according to the 2017 about 3256000000 people of 14.5% of age 65 are living in elderly care. In India about 104 million elderly persons are reported and places like Kerala has the maximum proportion of elderly people of 12.6% and least is in Dadra and Nagar Havel of 4.0%.

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Geriatricians, physicians, geriatric physicians, cardiologists, rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, Social workers, Community care coordinators, Palliative care specialists, medical directors, Dental professionals, Clinical Geriatric, Geriatric Nurses, Geriatric  Doctors, Pharmacists, healthcare faculty, community care coordinators, Occupational Therapists,  Researchers.

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