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The three fundamental cognitive processing resource models which help in the abilities of the later life of elder people those are processing speed, working memory and sensory and perceptual changes. The characteristics are it includes some cognitive domains that may not change and there is the potential for elder people to strengthen some cognitive is highly dynamic process with variability within the also inherent in humans and animals as they age. The risk factors influencing are health and environmental factors over the life span and they have modifiable and non-modifiable factors like genetics, education, medical comorbidities and other health factors.
The main causes are medication side effects problems with hormones, delirium, psychiatric illness, damage to brain neurons i.e. due to an injury, infections and another is toxins like pesticides, contaminates in our drinking water. The functions like working memory, processing speed of working time and sensory system working condition. The changes which happen in cognitive aging are memory loss, executive functions, attention and concentration and visual spatial abilities. Statistics in cognitive aging according to 2012 AARP found that staying mentally sharp was a top in concern of 87% of respondents. In 1950 the aged people 65 and above are of 6.8% but to represent 12.6% by 2000 and 22.9 % by the 2050 which is expected

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Geriatrics and gerontology, Palliative care and community nursing, Geriatrics and Elderly Care, Mechanisms of Ageing, Stem Cells and Ageing, Mobile health for ageing, Cultural diversity and Ageing, Geriatric Oncology, Nutrition for Geriatrics, Neuroplasticity and Aging, Geriatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

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Geriatrics and Elderly care| Geriatric Oncology| Cell Signalling| Ageing Gerontology| Psychiatric Disorders| Nutrition Care And Standards Of Living| Evolution Of Ageing| Ageing Demographics| Clinical Psychiatry| Neurodegeneration Disorders| Cognitive Ageing| Therapeutic Targets And Mechanisms For Treatment| Alzheimer’s Disease| Gerontology And Mental Health| Ageing Disorders| Stem Cells And Ageing

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