Biogerontology represents the step in the research which aims that primarily at the achieving of healthy old age accompanied by improved longevity. Biogerontology focuses on the biological reasons behind aging. The Biogerontology is the Research Foundation which seeks to fill a gap within the research community, whereby the current scientific understanding of the ageing process is not yet being sufficiently exploited to produce effective medical interventions. Biogerontology is a relatively newer field. Because of our obsession with looking younger and living longer the journal Biogerontology offers a platform for research which aims primarily at achieving healthy old age accompanied by improved longevity. Biogerontology has now developed the solid scientific base with the respect to understanding of the phenomenon of aging. Biogerontology that provides a peer-reviewed forum for publishing original research data new ideas and discussions about: Vertebrates invertebrates micro-organisms and plants for the experimental studies on the genetic determinants on the ageing and the longetive; Modulating the aging process by physical chemical and biological means including transgenic and knockout organisms; Biodemography and theoretical models linking ageing and survival kinetics; Cell culture systems to develop new approaches and health care products for maintaining and recovering the lost biochemical functions .

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Geriatric Nurse, clinical geriatric, Dental professionals, Healthcare faculty, Physicians, Medical professionals, Occupational Therapists  Geriatricians, Geriatric physicians, Social workers, Community care, Rheumatologists, students and others interested in the field of Geriatrics 

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