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Gerontology is  defined as the study of social, cultural and biological aspects aging as it mainly involves in the scientific study of physical, mental and societal changes which in the older people. Gerontology is not to be with geriatrics, which specifically refers to the treatment of elder people 

Gerontology includes the endeavors like investigating the aging process, investigating the interface between the normal ageing and age related disease, investigating the effect of our aging population on the society on pensions and insurance, applying this knowledge to policies and programs. 

Gerontology has different types contain in it as bio gerontology, social gerontology, and some academic resources. Bio gerontology includes the subfield of gerontology dedicated to the biomedical gerontology and experimental this the curing age related diseases in one approach and slowing down them with physical exercises. Social gerontology includes the multi-disciplinary which specializes in working with elder people. They also responsible for educating and advancing the broader causes of older people by giving them the information with books, programs and presentations           

The statistics of Canada which was conducted in 2013 the older age people are about  15.3%,25% in Japanese,21% of Germans,21% of Italians and 16 % of British. IN India three fourths of Indian elders live in rural areas in this the 34% with vision problems, 26% with high blood pressure by 10%diabets and 9% with heart disease.



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Geriatricians, physicians, geriatric physicians, cardiologists, rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, Social workers, Community care coordinators, Palliative care specialists, medical directors, Dental professionals, Clinical Geriatric, Geriatric Nurses, Geriatric  Doctors, Pharmacists, healthcare faculty, community care coordinators, Occupational Therapists,  Researchers.

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